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The homie Jeramie Hamilton had a pop-up art show at his tattoo shop in San Francisco last weekend. Jeramie is a lifetime member of the DA Collective and opened up Scholar Tattoo about 6 months ago. Among the other rad artists involved, we got to dedicate a wall just for the DA gang and I think Juan and John really killed it on this set up and installation. There are brand new pieces by John McCarthy, Juan Gabe, Ian Anderson, Bosko Jackson, Jermaie Hamilton and myself on this wall. Deader shot and edited a video, “Vexations” which he had playing on a classic tv/vhs combo propped on another one of our newspaper bins (this bin was stocked with a brand new zine by Bosko Jackson and the new “Youthaznied” zine containing my photos that night). And surrounding it all, is the custom DA cow-print.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported. We all had a good night for sure. This exhibit and wall will be up until April 28th; go check it out. And if you need some new tattoos (who doesn’t?), go see the good people at Scholar Tattoo: 3340 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA.

I’ve got new work up at Scholar Tattoo SF

cypress-spook-witch said: hey i loved the limited lp design you did for state faults and i was wondering what the significance of the artwork was?

It’s a brick with a knife tied on it.
Two weapons for the price of one.

Anonymous said: 10 reasons why it wasn't enough?

The “Ten Reasons” relates to Paul Baribeau’s “Ten Things” which are never enough.


I met Ashlee in the Penland cafeteria my freshman year of college. She was wearing a Radiohead t-shirt and had bright blue eyes. The way she walked was a funny little scurry, that in some way offset her wild, fun and completely non-mousey personality well. Neither of us quite fit in at the southern Baptist university but we fit in together and were immediately inseparable. She transferred back west to California mid-year (it was a terrible and tearful farewell) but we kept in touch with a shared online journal. In it, she chronicled her life in San Francisco and her growing adoration of a boy named Juan, and I updated her with all the news from Texas.

bout eight years later, I was in SF to shoot a wedding, and I sent a text to the last known phone number I had for Ashlee, hoping it would still reach her. It worked! She still lived in SF, invited me to stay with her, and said that she lived “with a boy.” It had been at least three or four years since Ashlee and I had been in touch, but I asked if it was Juan, and to my delight it was — I would actually meet this mysterious love of Ashlee’s, whom she had confessed to me so much eight years earlier.

Juan was every bit as interesting and hilarious and fun as Ashlee made him out to be. When I arrived at their apartment in the Sunset, they greeted me with a bottle of tequila (I turned 28 that night), which we drank with college-age abandon and proceeded to dance the night away on furniture in their living room.

I visited them again in March, while I was out west for a photography conference, and this time Bonnie was with me. We took photos of them at Land’s End, one of our mutual favorite places in SF. Juan later confided in us that he was about to propose to Ashlee, which made the photos even more special.

This weekend I’m in Carpinteria, CA to attend their wedding. I’m excited and overjoyed being here to see it happen.




Ben Sears / Juan Gabe collaboration goes up for sale at 12PM EST on July 24th.

Now available!

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